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One-Planet-at-a-Time Quarterly News Update:  First Quarter, 2015

NEWS:  The Telepath Guidelines have now been canonized. The next set of guidelines scheduled for 2016 will address the nature of intelligence within the OPaaT universe: artificial intelligence, the limitations of organic intelligence, extradimensional intelligence, etc. As before, please direct all input to the comments section below. The Book Club selections for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters, respectively, are Arthur C. Clarke’s The Star, Larry Niven’s The Mote in God’s Eye, and Malicious-Monkey’s Ilion (also available at her dA page). Below are the winners of the Fourth Quarter Line Art Contest:  

1) Whachamacallit1’s Meet the Hoshlinaka Meet the Hoshlinaka by Whachamacallit1
2) Adiraiju’s Lirbon Lirbon by Adiraiju
3) 4nimeCub3’s Project ceres sketchdump Project ceres sketchdump by 4nimeCub3


1) ‘If We Ever Meet Aliens, They’ll Probably Be Robots’…
2) ’12 Reasons Robots Will Always Have An Advantage Over Humans’…
3) ‘Amoebas Are Still More Intelligent Than Our Most Powerful Computers’…
4) ‘IBM’s Watson Can Now Debate Its Opponents’…
5) ‘Is It Time to Give Up on the Singularity?’…


The next contest will cover painting (traditional, digital, etc). The deadline for this contest is the last day of March at 11:00 PM EST.


Our newest affiliate is World-Craft The thing I like most about this group is that it does a very good job of keeping a close knit ‘small group’ vibe while also showcasing impressively original artwork. Below are ten of my favorite deviations:

1) NocturnalSea’s Field Guide to Amaterasu page 1 Field Guide to Amaterasu page 1 by NocturnalSea
2) Transapient’s Worldcraft: Boomer Worldcraft:  Boomer by Transapient
3) draconicaeaeon’s Dolabranychus Dolabranychus by draconicaeaeon
4) NocturnalSea’s Orange Sponge-root Orange Sponge-root by NocturnalSea
5) NocturnalSea’s Red-Eyed Dunce Cap Red-Eyed Dunce Cap by NocturnalSea
6) elytracephalid’s World-Craft: Emperor Flinder World-Craft: Emperor Flinder by elytracephalid
7) Transapient’s Worldcraft: Lightning Eater Worldcraft:  Lightning Eater by Transapient
8) TheSeaLemon’s Pseudoarthropods Pseudoarthropods by TheSeaLemon
9) Scruffy-Stevie’s Canessa Canessa by Scruffy-Stevie
10) Transapient’s World-Craft: Ooma World-Craft: Ooma by Transapient
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WorldBuildersInc Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello guys! I've had an idea for a new paradigm involving time travel.
Now, I know at the moment that no time travel is allowed but hear me out. This will not crush creativity, in fact, I believe that it will help expand complex creativity. :)
The main thing about this time travel is: you cannot change the past. It is literally physically impossible to change that past because it has already happened and anything you do in the past has already been done by you, from your point of you and from the pov of anyone from your time.
For example:
Say a butterfly is found dead. It has been stepped on, but no one knows who stepped on it! Then later in real time, someone travels back in time (this person knows about the butterfly incident) and, while doing something, accidentally steps on the butterfly! Now he/she knows who stepped on the butterfly: them!
This can help to explain things that happen in real-time while preventing anyone from changing anything that's already happened.
I hope you like this and can work it into the OPaaT paradigm list! :)
space-commander Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi WBI, thank you very much for your continued interest. What you are describing sounds like something from a Star Trek storyline. From what I have seen the main reason time travel is included in sci-fi is to bring in familiar characters and settings such as Mark Twain or Venice. The main problem with this is that it is basically a lazy way of generating story ideas and it is prone to cliches.

On the other hand, time travel on a small scale such as putting a block of matter in a chamber and then tinkering around with the behavior of time within that chamber in order to create a completely new substance with unusual properties (i.e. hyperspace fuel, anti-grav coils, etc) would be an interesting way to go because it does not impose very much on big picture plot structures.

By the way, do you have any thoughts about super-intelligence and AI?
WorldBuildersInc Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Alright. Some of my plots revolve around that form of time travel. Glad you're considering it though. :)
AI huh? Nothing at the moment. I will think on it though.
And I will tell you this: in my GDF universe, AIs capabilities have surpassed the Personality Threshold and in fact there is a galaxywide law giving equal rights and freedoms to all AIs past the Personality Threshold. There are varying degrees of AIs in the galaxy, but all those above the Personality Threshold are legally allowed to hold jobs and basically have normal lives (well, as normal as an AI's life can be). AR6U5 and ANU315 are past the PT but choose to work with Zak and the crew. :)
There are also a few AIs that have surpassed organic sophont intelligence levels and are, well, super intelligences. These are only possessed by the most powerful (and generally the oldest) civilizations.
space-commander Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
But how super are the super intelligences? Is there some kind of intelligence plateau or is it kind of like an Omega Point phenomena? :)
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ComplexVariable Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello everybody,

I see that you invited me to join your group. What you've got going on here is extremely impressive; as a lover of all things "science!", the scientific detail you've been employing in the creation of all these life-forms and future-tech is simply marvelous! (Arthur and Isaac surely hath smiled upon ye.) 

However—in spite of that—I'm worried that the group's hard SF / collaborative approach might not be the right mix for me:

1) I'm a "fantasy" author. I use that term with care, though seeing as, by the standards of most high fantasy (think "Lord of the Rings" and Dungeons & Dragons), my work is extremely left field. Although my world will (in its future) achieve a more-or-less Star Trek-ish interstellar age, I'm nowhere near that point in terms of my world-building and my writings; I have an idea for a space opera, but it will likely have to wait for however many decades until my main work (my hopeful magnum opus) is complete.

2) I have a "magic" system. I also use that term lightly, because it's really just an addendum that I made to the laws of physics in my world's universe. (I'm a mathematician by trade, so my magic system is a bit of mathematical fancy that I wove into existence.) If it makes any difference, my magic system satisfies all the criteria that Asimov said a magic system would have to satisfy in order for him to believe in it (conservation of matter and energy, testable and deducible laws and properties, etc.). Anyway, the significance of this point is that, as a modification of the base physics of the universe, the inclusion of my world in your project would have profound implications for all the other worlds in here (their biology, their history, their technology, their politics and culture, their economies, etc.), seeing as it already creates those implications in my own world.

3) As I've said already, my world exists in its own universe. Granted, our universe also exists, but as a separate, far-removed universe contained within the multiverse cosmology that I've created. So, there's something of a transportation problem. xD Moreover, I'm something of a loner / one-trick-pony when it comes to my world-building; I work on my one thing on my own.

4) (I don't know if this is relevant, but I thought I might just throw it out there anyway) Though I have a strong mathematical background, I'm afraid that my knowledge of the intricacies of modern physics is extremely lacking (and, to be honest, that bothers me). I should really get around to reading that collection of Feynman's lectures that I got a couple of years ago. x3

If, given all that, you'll still have me, then I'd be happy to join. If not, then I totally understand. 

Regardless, keep up the good work. :D

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